Professor Steven J. Ersser


Individual Partner: Professor Steven J. Ersser. Dame Kathleen Raven Professor of Clinical Nursing. School of Healthcare, Faculty of Medicine & Health, University of Leeds. Honorary Professor, Division of Nursing, University of Cape Town and Visiting Scholar, Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

Preferred contact: [email protected]
Key Words: Resident in: UK; Working in: University of Leeds UK; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Meeting/Advanced Studies Seminar/ Publications/ Research: qualitative and mixed method design / complex interventions / Services-person-centered (dermatology and nursing)/ Education/nursing practice. Related Area(s) of Interest: Tool development/ consultation and relating skills/ therapeutic and helping relationships/ decision theory/ evidence-based practice/ psychological support and mindfulness. Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Other/Dermatology care; Nursing/Global health (including community dermatology); Other/care environments/health care settings
Brief Description of Work: For 25 years I have been involved in exploring and developing person-centered approaches to nursing and dermatology care. I have developed: 1) more person-centered approaches to supporting self-care and psychological support amongst those living with chronic skin conditions in the UK and in resource-poor countries; and 2) tools that both promote patient self-efficacy in dermatology care, self-management and shared decision making, as a basis for improving treatment adherence and patient support; and also explored 3) what makes dermatology consultations therapeutic. My current study, with Professor Galvin (Hull), funded by the Burdett Trust, is on developing more person-centered dermatology care environments.
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