Black Herstory Month event. Whiteness as a chemical restraint.

Black Herstory Month event. Whiteness as a chemical restraint.

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Webinar – Lived Experience Co-production, race, and restrictive practices.

Wednesday October 27th 2021. 12pm-2pm.



The last year has witnessed a proliferation of events, funding, and consultations around race in terms of the White Paper Review of the Mental Health Act and the statutory guidance in relation Mental Health, 2018, Use of Forces Act (Seni’s Law). The renewed engagement of diverse researchers, organisations and activists have, however, failed to address the Lived experiences of race, how whiteness remains as a historical norm, how value and practice shapes co-production and represents the ethnically diverse experience, particularly black men within current mental health systems. To achieve real authentic race equality in mental health the seminar looks at how the cultural restraint of race needs to be addressed for an effective model of coproduction and change.

For more information on Seni’s Law please view RIP Seni:


  1. The cultural barriers that prevent effective coproduction in race equality in mental health work.
  2. Looking at whiteness as a framework for good practice in coproduction between professionals and lived experienced/survivors.
  3. Models of racialised Shared decision making as an alternative to use of force.

Structure of the seminar.

12:00pmIntroductionChair – Doctor Niall Boyce, Senior Editor Lancet Psychiatry and Doctor Sade King
12:05 pm   Current challenges     Professor Tim Kendall National Clinical Lead
12:15pm    The lived experience – ‘Use of force’Aji Lewis, Marcia Rigg
12:30pmImportance of Seni LawKevin Ariyo – Mental Health and Justice Project
12:45pm. Short film – addressing race in the coproduction relationship   Focus on racialised Shared Decision making.
12.50pmCase of Dalian AtkinsonDoctor Michael Bennett, Director Welfare PFA
1:05pm A case study – Ethnicity and Mental Health Improvement Project: Reducing coercion.  A Race and Coproduction model across the colour line.Professor Sashidharan
1:20pm  Question and AnswerPanel
1:55pmClosing remarks

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Black Herstory Month event. Whiteness as a chemical restraint.

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Black Herstory Month event. Whiteness as a chemical restraint.

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Black Herstory Month event. Whiteness as a chemical restraint.

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