Call for Abstracts: The Practical Handbook of Eating Disorders

Call for Abstracts: The Practical Handbook of Eating Disorders

The Practical Handbook for eating disorders is the fourth book in a series of ‘practical handbooks’ on different mental health issues, edited by Roz Austin and Mark Hopfenbeck. Current research suggests that as many as 1.6 million people in the UK experience an eating disorder. The Eating disorders handbook will offer a unique range of perspectives on the interventions or activities that may help people to cope better with their eating disorder. The majority of its chapters will be co-written by a person with an eating disorder, and a relative or mental health professional. This book will offer high quality, relevant chapters written by people who live with eating disorders, their relatives, and leading researchers, clinicians and therapists, and aims to provide practical ways of helping people with eating disorders. The proposed publisher is PCCS Books. The first book in this series of ‘practical handbooks’ is titled ‘The practical handbook of hearing voices’ and will be published by PCCS Books in July 2020.

Themes for ‘The practical handbook of eating disorders’ include:

  • Lived experience of people with eating disorders / relatives of people with eating disorders
  • Working with people with eating disorders (i.e. therapies, practical strategies)
  • Self-help approaches for people who are distressed by their eating (i.e. arts, sport, hobbies)

If you’d like to contribute a chapter to The Practical Handbook for eating disorders, please email Roz Austin a title and 200-word abstract by 15th March 2020.

If you have any further queries, you should contact Roz.


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