Call for interested partners for a joint project between Universities of Lincoln and Nairobi Universities developing values-based nursing care for acute mental health


Developing values-based nursing care in acute mental health services in Kenya

Lead: Mental Health, Health and Social Care (MH2aSC) research group, School of Health and Social Care, Lincoln University

Proposed project with University of Nairobi:
The universities of Nairobi and Lincoln have recently formed a research partnership to focus on the provision of values-based nursing care in acute mental health services in Kenya.  We aim to develop and implement interventions that are ‘scalable’ over time to cover other healthcare services and providers.  Like many healthcare systems, the one in Kenya lacks many resources and the staff to patient ratio is low.  The Values Based Collaborative has been asked to offer support in the way of expert advice on the implementation and evaluation of Values Based Practice in the sub-Saharan African context.
We are holding an initial exploratory meeting in Oxford on May 10th

If you are interested in attending this meeting please contact Ian McGonagle (as below).

We are also keen to hear from anyone with an interest in this area, including possible funding partners, and to explore research partnerships with anyone with experience in this arena.

Contact: Ian McGonagle,

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Our initial possible funding scheme is the Newton Fund through the British Council (

A foundation project proposal for internal university seed money is available from the lead contact.

You can learn more about our work at our website ( and our twitter pages @mh2asc_uol