Cambridge University Press Series

Cambridge University Press Series

Cambridge University Press has launched a new book series on values-based practice. The series includes theoretical and research-orientated topics as well as more practice-based books in different areas of clinical practice, learning and teaching, and policy.

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The Books

Essentials of values based practiceTitle: Essentials of Values-based Practice: Clinical Stories Linking Science with people
Authors: K.W.M (Bill) Fulford, Ed Peile and Heidi Carroll

This book is the launch volume for the new series. It illustrates the impact of values-based practice through a series of clinical stories.
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Values based commisioning of h & scTitle: Values-Based Commissioning of Health and Social Care
Author: Christopher Heginbotham

An experienced health services manager and academic Chris Heginbotham was the first to identify the importance of values-based commissioning and to develop a detailed model for effective implementation
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values based interprofessional collaborationTitle: Values-based Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Working Together in Health Care
Author: Jill Thistlethwaite

Jill Thistlethwaite brings her deep experience as a clinician and Professor of Medical Education to the way interprofessional collaborative practice supports the person-centred care that is at the heart of values-based practice.
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Debated in Values based practiceTitle: Debates in Values-Based Practice: Arguments For and Against
Editor: Michael Loughlin

Edited by the philosopher Michael Loughlin this book explores through a series of detailed commentaries a number of controversial issues in both the theory and applications of values-based practice.
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Debated in Values based practice

Title: The Dementia Manifesto: Putting Values-Based Practice to Work
: Toby Williamson and Julian Hughes

This book represents a new turn in approaching dementia. It is a manifesto which sets out important principles about the nature of dementia both as a disease and as a disability and explores how a values-based, person-centred and rights-based approach can be applied to every aspect of the experience of dementia. Using vignettes, the book covers a variety of issues such as diagnosis, treatment, care, social attitudes, research, public policy and funding. It reflects the considerations of the patient and their carers as well as the perspectives of healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers. The Dementia Manifesto promotes the concepts of 'values' and disability rights, as well as the growing focus on creating an environment for people to live well with their condition. It will appeal to a range of clinicians, practitioners, academics and students from a variety of specialties.
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Cambridge University Press Series

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