How can I get involved?

How can I get involved?

We welcome hearing from anyone working in relevant areas. You may want to become a Project Partner or get involved in a Network or Group, to propose an Advanced Studies Seminar or other meeting, or to send us something for the News and Notes section (for example if you want to advertise a meeting).

Who can get involved

Values-based practice depends on effective teamwork – the Extended Multidisciplinary Team of values-based practice underpins Person-values-Centered Care

So we welcome hearing from anyone working in relevant areas of health and social care. This includes service users (patients and carers) and service providers (clinicians of different kinds, managers, commissioners, researchers, regulators, etc). It also includes those working in related areas such as law, education, housing and policy

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How to get involved

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How can I get involved?

WikiVBP Reference Library

The wikiVBP Reference Library aims to provide a focused resource of literature and other materials supporting training, research and policy developments in values-based practice.

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Key Areas of Collaboration

Core activities of the Centre are based around three inter-linked areas, Education, Regulation and Integration, together with crosscutting themes of Theory and Practice

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How can I get involved?

Values-based Surgical Care

Values-based practice in surgery is an innovative approach to decision making in surgery, linking science with people.


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Training Materials and Resources

How can I get involved?

The CUP Book Series

Cambridge University Press has a VBP book series.

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