Completing a Project Partner Profile


Dear Colleague

If you would like to become a Project Partner please complete the brief details in the relevant profile form(s) below which we will then upload as your entry on the Project Partner page of the website

Project Partners may be individuals, groups or networks, and/or organizations – forms for each of these are given below (they are very similar)

The Project Partner page of the website aims to allow those with related interests to link up successfully – hence we have kept entries short and focused (the forms take about 5mins to complete). But through your Partner Partner entry we can also set up cross-links to your own website or other sources of further information elsewhere or on the Collaborating Centre website (eg in News and Notes for events you are organizing, or in the Resource Base).

For examples please go to the Project Partner page of the website

Finally, please would you return your entry as a word file saved with the date in reverse order (ie Year/Month/Day) and your name in the file name (eg ‘15.02.20 Anon.doc’)

Any queries please Contact Us

Many thanks – the Centre Team

Please see below
Form for an Individual Partner
Form for a Group or Network Partner
Form for an Organizational Partner