ILC Conference


The International Learning Collaborative (ILC) Annual Conference and Summit
Founded in 2008, the International Learning Collaborative, is a member-based organisation of international academics, clinicians and leaders. Its goal is to transform the way in which care is delivered in high tech environments and to elevate the standard of fundamental care globally.

Since 2012 the ILC has hosted a three-day event that brings together international, multi-disciplinary healthcare experts and offers a forum for critical dialogue and discussion and the generation of international collaborations relating to the research, education, practice and policy of high-quality fundamental care. This year’s event will be hosted at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, and centres on the theme: “How can we better translate the evidence of the Fundamentals of Care into practice?” The aim is to explore innovative strategies for how we can harness, synthesise and operationalise evidence in order to transform the way in which fundamental care is delivered.

Day one of the event (‘member’ and ‘non-member’ attendance welcome) will consist of a series of plenaries, focusing on the UK healthcare landscape, and identifying local challenges and innovations, particularly in relation to evidence based practice and knowledge translation. Each plenary will focus on a different aspect of fundamental care – physical fundamentals of care, relationship-centred care, and values-based care. Three experts will present in each plenary, explicating the current state of research and practice, and identifying key challenges to the successful implementation of high-quality fundamental care. Attendees will discuss these challenges in small groups, and work on designing innovative strategies and solutions. These strategies will then inform the continued work of the ILC and provide a platform for the discussions to be undertaken by ILC members on Days 2 and 3 of the event.

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