Key Areas of Collaboration


The core activities of the Centre are based around three inter-linked areas – Education and Training, Regulation and Guidance, and Integration and Teamwork – together with crosscutting themes of Theory and Practice.

Key Areas of Collaboration

The Centre has over a hundred Organisational Partners and Individual Partners contributing in different ways to one or more of these areas. We are grateful to all our partners and to members of our Advisory Board for their encouragement and active support across such a wide range of activities.

Education and Training

Values-based practice builds on learnable clinical skills and these have been at the heart of its development form the start.

Current training initiatives include a joint program with the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences on Values-based Surgical Care. Based on our experience with this program we are working with the AOMRC (Academy of Medical Royal Colleges) on a template for developing similar programs in other areas of secondary care.

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Conference Announcement: The Centre is a co-organiser with CAIPE of the ATBH (Altogether Better Health) Conference on Values-based Inter-professional Practice – Oxford – September 6th – 9th 2016  Read More

Regulation, Law and Guidance

The Centre is working with a number of national bodies on programs aimed at building on current best practice in promoting positive outcomes

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Conference Announcement: The Centre is a co-organiser with the PSA of a conference on Regulating for Positive Outcomes – Cumberland Lodge,  Windsor Great Park – 11th March 2016  Read More

Integration and Teamwork

Values are key both to teamwork and to wider attempts to provide well-integrated services (for example between health and social care).

The Centre is taking forward work on integration with a number of initiatives including

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Conference Announcement: The Centre is co-hosting with the ARE (Association of Radiography Educators) an Advanced Studies Seminar on Values-based Radiography: a Whole Systems Approach – St Catherine’s College, Oxford – 13th April 2016  Read More

Theory and Practice

Maintaining a strong dynamic between theory and practice is a central to the Centre’s aims

Meetings of these and other crosscutting activities are advertised in News and Notes

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Conference Announcement: The Centre is co-hosting with the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences a conference on the theoretical and practical challenges presented by the Montgomery judgment, a recent UK Supreme Court ruling on consent – St Catherine’s College, Oxford – October 28th 2016  Read More