Regulation and Guidance

Regulation and Guidance are vital to meeting the challenges of contemporary health and social care. The Centre is working with a number of national bodies on programs aimed at building approaches that support positive practice

Current partners in this area include:

The PSA (Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care)

We co-organized, with Douglas Bilton (PSA) and Gerry McGivern (Warwick Business School), a one-day seminar in 2015. This will be followed by a conference in 2016 (March 11) on Regulating for Positive Outcomes.

Gerry McGivern’s empirical work on the impact of regulation (including work commissioned by the GoSC) has been particularly significant in contributing to the evidence base for this work illustrating the importance of the links between evidence-based and values-based approaches.

We are very grateful to Advisory Board Member, Harry Cayton, for supporting these initiatives.

CQC (Care Quality Commission)

The Centre ran a one-day Senior Leads Meeting (2015) and is currently working on exploratory training and other initiatives building on CQCs Framework of Shared ExCITe Values (Excellence, Care, Integrity and Teamwork)

Mat Kinton, in his role as National Mental Health Act Policy Advisor for the CQC, is working with Bill Fulford on the possible role of values-based practice to support use of the recently revised Guiding Principles for involuntary psychiatric admission and treatment under the UK’s Mental Health Act, 2007 (see also the Foundation Module for the training materials to support implementation of the Act).

We are very grateful to Advisory Board Member, David Behan, for supporting these initiatives.

GOsC (General Osteopathic Council)

The Centre is contributing to the GoSC’s on-going Review of Regulation and Standards. This has included to date three one-day workshops exploring values in osteopathic care and a joint publication. Proposals are currently being developed for educational and other interventions to support development and rollout of a revised regulatory framework

Stephen Tyreman as a Lecturer in Osteopathy and Programme Lead for Professional Doctorates in The British School of Osteopathy has had a long-term interest in values-based practice and is a key member of this program

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

NICE has been a lead organization internationally on the inclusion of values alongside evidence in guideline development through its Citizen’s Council initiative.

The Centre is running a seminar to introduce values-based practice to NICE’s Senior Team and to explore its implications for future guideline development particularly in light of the UK Supreme Court Montgomery ruling on consent.

We are very grateful to Advisory Board Member, Andrew Dillon, for supporting these initiatives.

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