Descriptive Table of Contents


This page gives a table of contents for More about VBP with brief descriptions of what is covered in each section.

You can go to particular topics via the page links provided here or by using the website Search tool.

The Main Sections
The main sections of More about VBP are

The Basic Model
Sets out a very brief summary of what values-based practice is together with a diagram showing how its main elements fit together to support balanced decision-making
Glossary of Key Terms
Gives more detail of each of the elements of values-based practice as set out in summary form in The Basic Model
Reading Guide
Lists annotated readings on the theory and practice of values-based practice together with sample readings for related disciplines (such as ethics).
The Reading Guide has a number of subsections – see Further Details of the Reading Guide, below
Full Text Downloads
Provides a resource of materials available as free downloads to support teaching and learning in values-based practice and various areas of policy and service development
Research and On-going Development
Summarizes some of the many R&D projects in values-based practice and related areas currently being taken forward by Collaborating Centre partners

Further Details of the Reading Guide

The Reading Guide has three main sections each with a number of subsections – see Tree Structure above. Links are provided to each page below.

1) The Theory of Values-based Practice
Gives key readings on

Roots in Ordinary Language Philosophy

Other Philosophical Sources

Empirical Resources

2) The Practice of Values-based Practice
Covers resources for

Teaching and Learning

  • Training manuals and books
  • Curriculum tools
  • On-line resources

Policy and Service Development, Practice Guidance and Commissioning

  • Policy and Service Development
  • Practice Guidance
  • Commissioning

Many of the resources in this section are available from Full-text Downloads

3) The Values Toolkit
Provides sample readings on

Some of the Tools in the Values Toolkit

  • Ethics, law and regulation
  • Decision analysis
  • Health economics
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Narrative-based medicine
  • Medical Humanities

Links between Other Tools and Values-based Practice in

  • Front-line clinical practice
  • Commissioning of services
  • Ethics and law
  • Evidence-based practice

The Values Alphabet

  • VBA (Assessment), VbC (Commissioning), VBD (Decision-making),  VBDP (Decision-making Protocol), VBI (Interviewing), VBP (Pricing), VBR (Recruitment), and more
  • The challenge of pluralism

Note: many of the larger sections of the Reading Guide include Read More subsections providing longer lists of references on a given topic