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Although now a relatively well-defined approach, values-based practice remains an open and developing discipline both in its own right and in its relationships with other tools in the Values Toolkit.

This page of the website summarizes some of the many projects currently being developed by Collaborating Centre partners and others in

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Dividing projects broadly into theory-oriented and practice-oriented is not meant to suggest that these are sharply distinct categories. Many projects combine both theoretical and practical objectives. A key aim of the Collaborating Centre is to help maintain a lively two-way dynamic between theory and practice as the basis of future developments in the field as a whole.

The projects listed here are mainly connected with Collaborating Centre partners. For a wide-ranging critical review of many key issues for the theory and practice of values-based practice and related disciplines see Michael Loughlin’s edited collection ‘Debates in Values-based Practice’

Debated in Values based practice
Loughlin, M (2014, Ed) Debates in Values-based Practice: arguments for and against. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Retrieving values-related literature

Suggestions for retrieving values-related literature are given in the final part of the section Retrieving Values-related Literature in Empirical Resources in The Theory of Values-based Practice section of the Reading Guide

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