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Dr Dilraj Kalsi

Doctor & Clinical AI Lead, Skin Analytics


Dr Dilraj Kalsi is a Doctor, Academic and Entrepreneur. He is Clinical AI Lead at Skin Analytics, who are world leaders in AI for skin cancer detection. He runs his own online clinic Hippocrates Lounge, supporting lifestyle change for long-term illness and led the implementation of a telehealth programme at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. During the pandemic, he developed Chipper, an app to help you build healthy habits. A Glaxo Scholar from the University of Oxford, Dilraj has authored many publications on Shared Decision-Making, including the e-book Pocket Values, and lectured in Digital Healthcare Science at the University of Warwick. His core focus is on empowering patients in order to optimise health outcomes and believes the correct implementation of digital technologies can help us get there.

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Mihir Sheth

Engineer & Innovate UK 2021/22 Young Innovator

University of Oxford


Mihir Sheth has experience in developing innovative medical devices across 3 continents. He strongly believes that healthcare innovation must follow the need-led philosophy rather than the tech-push philosophy. To that extent, he immerses himself in a clinical setting and identifies needs, along with the context that the problems lie in, alongside patients and clinicians. He was one of the first employees of Sisu Global Health, and worked on developing and bringing the Hemafuse, an autologous transfusion device, to hospitals in Kenya. As an Oxford Global Insight Fellow, he worked in hospitals in Senegal and UK to co-develop solutions with clinicians to problems faced by them, including on solutions to wean patients off the ventilator quicker.

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Joel Ward

St Catherine's College - University of Oxford


Joel is a core surgical trainee in Oxford. He is also a Lecturer at St Catherine’s College and Academic Visitor to the Nuffield Department of Surgery. His interest in VBP grew from exposure to the Collaborating Centre during his studies at Oxford. He has since published on the importance of VBP throughout the medical field and leads the undergraduate education programme for the Collaborating Centre.

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Background and Aims

The Digital Health and Innovation Network was launched in February 2022. It was born out of the intersection of Values-Based Practice (VBP), which balances the values of stakeholders to achieve patient-centered clinical decisions, and Need-Led Innovation (VBP), which balances the values of stakeholders to create user centered innovations. This network is focused on the intersection of these two disciplines in order to support Patient-Centred Healthcare Innovation. The aims of the DHIN are therefore to:

  • Support digital health and innovation that improves patient outcomes and experiences
  • Support digital health and innovation that empowers clinicians to provide patient centred care incorporating values-based practice
  • Promote collaboration between patients, clinicians, healthcare professionals, engineers, designers, computer scientists in bringing about innovation


  • We run regular interactive webinars and events that explore how VBP and NLI can be leveraged to create innovations that add value to all stakeholders while keeping a core focus on improving patient outcomes and experiences.
  • Anyone and everyone is welcome at our events: patients, healthcare professionals, innovators, hospital managers, regulators, or anyone else with an interest in this space.
  • As the network grows, we will look to publish based on a collation of perspectives from the network

Network Announcements

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Core activities of the Centre are based around three inter-linked areas, Education, Regulation and Integration, together with crosscutting themes of Theory and Practice

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Values-based practice in surgery is an innovative approach to decision making in surgery, linking science with people.


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