Meeting of the Theory Network on Wednesday, May 31st 2017
At: The Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice, St Catherine’s College University of Oxford, Manor Road OX 1 3UJ.

This one-day Advanced Seminar examines the theme of language and the first-person perspective from a number of disciplinary perspectives, with a particular focus upon the significance of these debates for people with people with mental health conditions.

NEW COURSE in VALUE-BASED HEALTHCARE – the Department for Continuing Education are delighted to announce their new course in Healthcare Value 19-23 June 2017

Advanced Studies Conference: Hospitality and Mental Health
Institute for Social Aesthetics and Mental Health, Sigmund-Freud-University Vienna, and the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford
Friday May 19th and Saturday May 20th 2017

Brain and Mind Workshop – “Addiction and the Brain”

An interdisciplinary workshop in the Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building, St Hilda’s College, Oxford from 5 to 7  p.m on Thursday 4 May, 2017

Advanced Seminar at the Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care entitled “Can Anorexia Nervosa ever be a Terminal Illness?”

Monday 8th May 2017 in St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

ESRC Seminar 5: Stories that potentially reconfigure relationships and social relations to encourage authentic power sharing.

March 3rd 2017, University of York

An interdisciplinary workshop in the JdP Music Building, St Hilda’s

from 5 to 7.15 p.m on Thursday, 2 February, 2017

Association of Radiography Educators (ARE) & The Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care study day:Values-Based Radiography: Implementing a Whole Systems Approach

Wednesday 19th April 2017, 9:30am-4pm – St. Catherine’s College Oxford


Advanced Study Seminar, February 2017

18th International Conference on Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology – INPP 2016
Psychopathology of the Present: Theory and Practice
November 3rd to 5th, 2016, Sao Paulo – Brazil

V Open Seminar on Philosophy and Psychiatry – Institute of Philosophy at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska
University in Lublin, November 29-30th 2016

Montgomery and Me: Implementing the New Standard for Consent to Treatment in Medicine and Healthcare
St Catherine’s College, Oxford – Friday October 28th 2016

The 8th International Conference on Inter-professional Practice and Education
Title : Values Based Inter-professional Practice and Education
The conference was hosted jointly by Oxford Brookes University, CAIPE and University of Oxford Collaborating Centre – September 6 – 9th 2016

Association of Radiography Educators (ARE) & The Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care study day
St Catherine’s College, Oxford – April 13th 2016

Collaborate CIC, the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice at St Catherine’s College, Oxford University, and London South Bank University are delighted to announce an ambitious programme of work exploring the future of collaboration in services to the public
Roundtable 2: Delivery – 11th February 2016 – House of Lords

Seminar series and follow up conference at Christ Church College, Oxford “Psychopathology of time and body”

The Final Programme for the VBP Theory Group Network Advanced Studies Seminar On ‘Language and the First-Person Perspective in Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Advanced Seminar’

Alternatives to CAMHS Inpatient Care

Launch of the Report of the Commission for Values-based CAHMs

Brain and Mind: From Concrete to Abstract

Advanced Studies Seminar: The Montgomery Ruling: Impacts on Philosophy of Medicine and Bioethics

‘Anatomy of Collaboration’ launched by Collaborate with Oxford University Collaborating Centre and London South Bank University

ESRC Seminar 3: Contemporary Developments in Healthcare Practice: a help and/or hindrance to power-sharing

Personalised medicine: the promise, the hype and the pitfalls

ILC Conference

Applying values based practice for people experiencing psychosis : a training pack and guide for inpatient settings

Professor Sarah Whatmore Academic Champion for Public Engagement with Research – Invitation

Values and Ethics in Mental Health – An Exploration for Practice

Successful research bid by the Critical Values Based Practice Network

The Association for Community Mental Health Promotion (ACMHP) from Turkey and the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH)

ESRC success!
Re-imagining Professionalism: towards Co-production

Interdisciplinary Workshop: Disturbed futures – Psychopathology of time between philosophy and psychiatry 

MSc in Integrated Care
Lincoln University, Lincoln


St Catz One-Day Advanced Studies Seminar: Aesthetics and Mental Health
St Catherine’s College, Oxford – Friday June 13th 2014

The aim of this seminar was to share experience of working with aesthetics in various areas of health care with a view to exploring ideas for future collaborations and next steps.

The seminar launched the AiMH (Aesthetics in Mental health) Group

Brief Biographies of Delegates
Programme for meeting

Seminar on “Values-Based Practice:  How does it translate?”
Given by Ed Peile to the Wolfson Research Institute, Durham on May 4th 2015

Values-Based Practice describes the processes for making clinical decisions that are both evidence-based and values-based.  Experience is accumulating of teaching clinicians and medical students in the UK with the objective of helping them achieve balanced decisions with patients within a shared framework of values.  Values-based practice  has been found to be particularly useful when the values at play in a clinical situation are complex or conflicting.
Does values-based practice translate from one clinical discipline to another?  Does it translate from one culture to another?

Professor Ed Peile, one of the authors of ‘Essential Values-based Practice’, will describe experience of rolling out Values-Based practice from its origins in Mental Health practice across medicine and allied health disciplines and of work in Africa, Japan, USA and the Balkans.

St Catz One-Day Advanced Studies Seminar: Moving Forward on Values and Standards in Osteopathy
St Catherine’s College, Oxford
 – May 20th 2015

This seminar (which was invitation only) was the second in a partnership between the General Osteopathic Council and the Collaborating Centre exploring values-based practice in the osteopathic profession.

St Catz 2nd One-Day Advanced Studies Seminar of the Aesthetics in Mental Health Group
St Catherine’s College Oxford, May 29th 2015 

The aim of this seminar (which was by invitation only) was to share experience of working with aesthetics in various areas of health care with a view to exploring ideas for future collaborations and next steps.

If you are interested in joining the AiMH (Aesthetics in Mental Health) Group please contact the convenor, Helena Fox

Download AimH program 2015

Paper on Particularism and Idiographic Understanding
Given by Anna Bergqvist at Tilburg University, Netherlands, June 2015,

Anna Bergqvist, convener of the VBP Theory Network, presented her paper ‘Particularism and Idiographic Understanding: Re-assessing Value and Perspective in Comprehensive Diagnosis’ at the one-day workshop Particularism in Bioethics.  This was an open conference.

This event is part of the 2015 events series of the European Particularism in Bioethics, Professional Ethics and Medicine Network, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust and directed by Dr Bergqvist.

John Horder Lecture on The Values of Professionalism
Given by Ed Peile at King’s College, London, June 17th 2015

Ed Peile gave the 2015 John Horder Lecture at in the Council Room, King’s College, London (Strand Campus) on “The values of Professionalism”

Launch of The Oxford Handbook of Psychiatric Ethics
St Hilda’s College, Oxford – July 25th 2015

Visiting Fellows Programme – Ethics and Science in Global Health
2015-16 Visiting Fellowships at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Healing, Personal Values and Narratives in Healthcare
Open Meeting, 29th September, 1 – 6pm, Radcliffe Humanities, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Oxford OX2 6GG

Medical Humanities Conference, The Role of the Theatre and Novel in Developing Resilient Clinicians
Royal Society of Medicine, October 5th, London

Advanced Seminar and Inaugural Values-Based Theory Network Meeting
St Catherine’s College, Oxford – 12th October, 2015
Call for Abstracts and Expressions of Interest deadline 5 October 2015.
Thanks to an external events grant from the Society of Applied Philosophy, up to four bursaries of £150 are available to help postgraduate students attend the event.

Values-based Practice Theory Network: Inaugural Meeting
Advance Notice and Call for Expressions of Interest
St Catherine’s College, Oxford – October 12th 2015

Important New Publication in Values-based Practice 
To be Published November 20th 2015 in Palgrave MacMillan’s new series Foundations of mental Health Practice

Values and Ethics in Mental Health. An Exploration for Practice by Alastair Morgan, Anne Felton, Bill (K.W.M) Fulford, Jayasree Kalathil and Gemma Stacey.

PROGRAMME ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of Collaboration in Services to the Public
Roundtable 1: Values – December 3rd 2015 – House of Lords

Collaborate CIC, the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice at St Catherine’s College, Oxford University, and London South Bank University are delighted to announce an ambitious programme of work exploring the future of collaboration in services to the public. Our initial roundtable seminars are ‘invitation only’ but we would welcome hearing from you is you have examples of collaborative practice you would be willing to share

Reimagining professionalism in mental health: towards co-production
Seminar 1: University of Leeds – January 5th 2016



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