News and Notes


News and Notes provides information about what is going on in values-based practice and related areas in health and social care.

It includes an Archive section of all past items

What News and Notes Covers

The Events and Announcements section of News and Notes gives brief entries covering such items as

  • Notices of events (conferences, new groups, lectures, etc)
  • Calls for conferences or journals
  • Announcements of teaching and learning opportunities
  • Research opportunities
  • New publications
  • Reports of meetings
  • Job vacancies
  • Any other relevant item

Wherever possible links to other websites, YouTube clips, etc are included.

Pictures are always very welcome

Who Can Submit Items?

You don’t have to be a Project Partner to submit an item. We welcome hearing from anyone with relevant information to share.

Project Partners receive News and Notes Update messages when a new item is added to the website.

How to Submit

If you have an item to submit or any queries please Contact Us