ESRC success! Re-imagining Professionalism: towards Co-production


An ESRC seminar series bid titled Re-imagining professionalism: towards co-production has been successful. Led by a partner of the Collaborating Centre (Principal Investigator: Pamela Fisher at the University of Leeds) in close collaboration with Bill Fulford and colleagues at Leeds, York and Huddersfield, the aim of the seminar series is to work towards developing democratic forms of professionalism in mental health which enable genuine forms of co-production and power-sharing.
Service users and carers as well as professionals and commissioners will have key roles as major contributors to the seminars. Academics in the research team are from diverse disciplinary backgrounds: mental health nursing, philosophy, political science, psychiatry, social work and sociology.
Seven seminars will take place over a period of two years: the first will be held at the University of Leeds in November 2015 and the second at St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford in February 2016. More information to follow.
The seminars are ‘invitation only’ but if you are interested in this area please contact Pamela Fisher via her Profile Page.