MindEd, Combining Therapies


There are four fundamental sessions of combining therapies produced by the VB CAMHs network that include:
l. What are combination therapies? In this session, we will learn what is meant by Combination Therapies. We highlight what can make delivering and receiving them particularly challenging. We discuss remedies to these challenges, before delving more deeply in The Fundamentals of Combination Therapies Sessions II (Values based practice) and III and Iv. ​

ll. Values Based Mental Health. This session is in two parts. To start with, there is some explanation about Values-based Practice (VBP) and exercises about our diverse values. The second part is a worked example of how Values-based Practice works in real life of Combining Therapies in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) system.

lll. The Core Principles of Combination Therapies​ Here we discuss the seven principles that form the foundations for the good delivery of combined therapies.

lV. The Eight Key Elements of Combination Therapies The eight key elements represent ordinary core components of good quality clinical care.
NICE guidelines, and expert professional consensus for the care of common conditions in child and adolescent mental health care, recommend using such components in clinical work and are derived from the BPI treatment (Brief Psychosocial Intervention) delivered in these studies (Goodyer et al 2016).
One of the challenges in doing the simple and familiar things is to remember to do them. We hope this session helps everyone concerned to do just that.