Our Thanks and Welcome


We are grateful to the many people and organizations that have contributed to the development of the Collaborating Centre. Our thanks go particularly to our Management Team and Advisory Board and to the Fellows and Officers of St Catherine’s College College for all their hard work and support. Special thanks for the website go to Jenette Sefton and David Davies for their skill and dedication in presenting and maintaining such diverse materials in a transparent and user-friendly way

We welcome contributions to the website and to the Centre

  1. We will be very glad to hear from new partners: if you or your organization would be interested to link up with us please Contact us
  2. We will also be glad to hear from anyone with news or other announcements that we can help to disseminate through the News and Notes section

For these and other ways to help build positive care through values-based practice please see How can I get involved?

Bill Fulford, Director
Ashok Handa, Co-Director
St Catherine’s College, Oxford