*How to Use the Resources Library


The Resources Library is web-based and can be accessed via Descriptive Index and Section Links

Materials included in the Resources Library are from two main sources, the Training Template(Part II of the Faculty Handbook) and the Reading Guide and other sections of More about VBP on the Collaborating Centre Website (valuesbasedparctice.org/More about VBP)

A. Training Template Materials

  1. Planning and running a seminar: a step-by-step guide
  2. Example Seminar outlines
  3. Example Clinical cases
  4. Other seminar resources (eg., power point presentations, hand outs)
  5. Organisational documents

The resources in these sections are free to view and can be downloaded in PDF form by accredited Faculty Partners (see below).

Opening the Files: Please note that the resources files are quite large so many take a few moments to open.

B. Collaborating Centre Website Materials

  1. A Teaching and Learning Framework
  2. Training manuals
  3. Policy and Practice Guidance
  4. Search Strategies
  5. Reading Guide

These resources are available to view on the Collaborating Centre website. Most are available as full-text downloads (following the links as above).

Illustrative not prescriptive

As with the Training Template the materials included in the Resources Library are illustrative rather than prescriptive. We hope they will be helpful as a starting point. But the idea is that they should be developed and adapted to meet the particular circumstances presented by different groups of trainees in distinct areas of clinical care.

Becoming a Faculty Partner

If you are interested in becoming a Faculty Partner please see the Faculty Handbook and go to Introduction, Section 3, Accreditation and Shared Learning.