How is Values-based Practice in Surgical Care Implemented?

Our programme of implementation of values-based surgical care builds on and adapts the wide range of training materials already available for values-based practice in primary care

We have produced a template including readings and other learning resources based on our experience that we hope may prove helpful to others in extending the process of adaptation and development to further areas of secondary care

This part of the website gives additional details of the model we have adopted for training in values-based surgical care and provides a link to the template

A Training Programme in Values-based Surgical Care

A wide range of materials is now available to support training in values-based practice in mental health and other areas of primary care.

Our programme in values-based surgical care so far as we are aware, is the first to develop similar materials for an area of secondary care. We are at an early stage in the process but have thus far piloted short programmes with three groups

  • Clinical teams
  • Medical students
  • Medical managers
The basic model of training

Details vary (see Read More, below) but for each group training sessions follow the same basic model: a brief introduction to values and values-based practice followed by extensive discussion of cases from everyday practice

Seminar ContentLearning Outcomes
30 minutes
BRIEF introduction

Two brief (10 minute) interactive group exercises plus plenary discussion
Raised awareness of
1) Many meanings of ‘values’
2) Diversity of individual values
3) How this diversity drives different choices from the same evidence-base
90 minutes
EXTENDED Case Discussions

Small group work plus plenary discussion around everyday case scenarios
Embedding the above and applying to decision making in everyday practice
30 minutes
TAKE HOME TWEAKS Reflection on personal practice

Discussion in pairs plus plenary feedback to come up with one small change each delegate can make to their own practice
Embedding the above and applying to decision making in each delegates’ own everyday practice

The timings for the seminar shown are for a 2-hour session for clinical teams (Group 1 above) – for links to more detailed seminar outlines for all three groups, including examples of the interactive exercises, see Read More, below

The emphasis on case studies in this approach allows key learning in values-based practice in a time-effective and clinically relevant way

From training programme to template

Just as values are highly individual so training in values-based practice needs to be developed and adapted according to the particular circumstances presented by clinical decision-making in a given area.

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We have included in our template materials comments on our experience of developing and adapting values-based practice for surgical care. We hope these comments will be helpful in supporting similar developments in other areas.

We would be very pleased to provide support if you are interested in developing your own programme – please Contact us

Read More

For details of our training programme please go to The Training Manual

The Training Manual is supported by a Resources Library offering clinical case histories, power point presentations and other learning resources.


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