Values-based Theory Network

Network Lead Dr Anna Bergqvist: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University Background and aims The Values-Based Theory Network (VBP Theory Network) strives to promote research excellence and interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of analytic and continental philosophy of medicine and mental health research. It was launched at an inaugural Advanced Studies Seminar at […]

Theory Network Announcement

Anna Bergqvist (Lead for the Theory Network) is a co-organiser of a conference on ‘Interdisciplinary Feminist Reflections on Law, Society and Care’ and is also giving a paper on ‘Risk and Relatedness: Feminist Reflections on Personality Disorders’ – all welcome – for details please see:

The Final Programme for the VBP Theory Group Network Advanced Studies Seminar

On ‘Language and the First-Person Perspective in Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Advanced Seminar’ is now available at Language and the First-Person Perspective in Mental Health- An Interdisciplinary Advanced Seminar     If you are interested in this area or would like to attend please contact: :