wikiVBP: the Values-based Practice Reference Library


Welcome to wikiVBP: the Values-based Practice Reference Library

The library aims to provide a well-focused resource of literature and other materials supporting training, research and policy developments in values-based practice.

The library depends on everyone submitting content – this is why it is a wikiVBP library – see the section How to Submit Content below.

If you have any problems using the library or suggestions for improving it – please Contact Us

This page explains

  • How to Use the Library
  • How to Submit Content
  • How to Access the Library 

How to Use the Library

Sections of the Library
When you access the library you will see the following sections listed in the left hand column – it will look like this

wikiVBP: the Values-based Practice Reference Library

The main sections of the library are

  • VBP Books, Chapters and Articles
  • VBP Literature Searching
  • VBP Policy Reports
  • VBP Practice Guidance
  • VBP Short Articles, Blogs etc
  • VBP Training Materials


How to Search the Library

You can search all sections of the library together by using the search bar at the top of the screen (remember to uncheck the Limit Search Box if it is selected)

Enter the search term (names and terms have to be given in full) and press return

wikiVBP: the Values-based Practice Reference Library

Within each section of the library there are additional search options. Start by clicking on the section you want in the left hand column. You can then:

  1. Use the search bar as above but check the box below it to limit your search to that section
  2. Scroll through all items – they are listed alphabetically by author surname
  3. Click on a letter at the top of the library – this will bring up all the first authors whose surnames start with that letter

If you are searching for a particular item that is relevant to your interests but don’t have an author or title, you can either enter a search term such as ‘Philosophy of Science’ in the search bar, or you can click on the Tags menu (top right of the home screen) for a drop down list – clicking on one of these tags, for example ‘clinical reasoning’, will bring up all items that have been labelled with that tag. You can also enter a tag search term in the search bar on the tag list to save scrolling through the whole list.

What you will find

Here is an example of what you will see when you click on an individual entry

wikiVBP: the Values-based Practice Reference Library

Each entry includes

  1. A cover image (where we have it)
  2. The Author and Title (in bold)
  3. Date of publication and reference
  4. Brief description (this can be expanded by clicking on […] at the end of the text if applicable)
  5. Tag list for that item (in the orange boxes at the bottom of the entry)

Some entries also inlcude additional information

  1. An http address or other link to the full item
  2. Who supplied the item and/or link to the author


Please check you have copyright permission (through your library or otherwise) for any use you make of items accessed through this resource.

How to submit content

We have set up the wikiVBP Library because the standard electronic databases are not structured to allow easy retrieval of values-related literature (see the section on VBP Literature Searching).

We have called it the wikiVBP library because its success depends on all of us submitting content.

So if you have suggestions for additions (your own or others) please Contact Us

Criteria for inclusion

The main criterion for including an item in the library is its relevance to values-based practice.

This is particularly important if the library is to serve its purpose as a well-focused resource supporting developments in the field.

We would normally be looking also at criteria such as originality, comprehensibility and rigour (for example as indicated by publication in a peer reviewed journal in the case of a research report).

How to Access the Library

We hope you enjoy using this resource. Please Click Here to go to the Library