What Do We Do?


The Centre has been set up to facilitate collaborations between individuals and organizations concerned to develop more effective ways of working with values in health and social care.

The Centre focuses particularly on values-based approaches. This includes developing effective links with other resources for working with values (such as ethics and law, health economics, decision analysis and various areas of the medical humanities). It also includes building links with evidence-based practice. Integral to the work of the Centre is the idea that values-based and evidence-based approaches are equal partners in clinical care.

The Centre is mainly web-based but also supports Advanced Studies Seminars at St Catherine’s College and other activities including a range of On-going Projects.

The Website

The website as a whole aims to provide a one-stop shop for accessing skills and resources through our combined expertise as Project Partners

You can find people and organizations with relevant interests by searching the Project Partners pages of the website. You can use either our List of Key Words or your own free terms. Project Partner Profiles include links to other websites for further information.

Advanced Studies Seminars

The Centre has funding to support one-day Advanced Studies Seminars exploring any cutting edge aspect of values in health and social care.

On-going Projects

The work of the Centre in supporting the development of values-based practice is being taken forward in part through a number of collaborative On-going Projects.