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Artificial intelligence and therapeutic relationships in healthcare: challenges and opportunities. An interdisciplinary enquiry
January 24, 2024

Can artificial intelligence enhance compassionate, person-centred, values-based care? Or will it damage autonomy, trust and therapeutic alliances?

Can ‘carebots’ actually care? Are chatbots ‘better’ at empathic communication?

Can AI in healthcare be aligned with human values such as compassion, justice and wisdom?

What are the views of healthcare professionals and patients?


The broad aim of this symposium is to bring together academics and clinicians from a variety of disciplines to explore these and other questions and arrive at an enriched perspective with potential pathways for sustaining relational, compassionate care in the context of this rapidly evolving ‘disruptive’ technology.

What’s new? The future of Phenomenological Psychopathology: What’s New? A work-in-progress day for early-career researchers
20 May 2022

Organized by Phenomenology and Mental Health Networkat the Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care St. Catherine’s College, Oxford & Brazilian Society for Phenomeno-Structural Psychopathology International MetaMasters: Phenomenology and Values-based Clinical Care Institute of Philosophy, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin Philosophy of Mental Health Unit at the Department of Social Sciences and the Humanities, Poznan University of Medical Sciences Santa Casa de São Paulo School of Medical Sciences

Values around Hunger and Poverty
9:30 - 16:00

Values are what drive us.  The mention of hunger or of food poverty, is likely to elicit an exposure of our individual values, as these are emotive triggers. But serious topics such as these merit more than just a small instant charitable donation.  For those of us working in health and social care, working with hunger and food poverty is an integral part of our professional business. Not only does hunger drastically restrict the lifestyles and wellbeing of our patients and clients, but it also results in increased pressures on healthcare and social care providers, including third sector organisations.

Digital Health and Innovation Seminar
October 4, 2023

This seminar is focused on bringing the voices of those affected most by technology change in the NHS into the conversation. We shall discuss positive and negative impacts of innovation on different stakeholders (doctors, nurses, patients, etc) and the future role of stakeholders in both small-scale and large-scale innovation. Using case-studies we will explore the impact of Digital Health and Innovation on healthcare delivery. 

Phenomenology, Values and Lived Experience
September 13 2023

The aim of this Advanced Seminar is to draw together insights from phenomenological psychopathology and values-based practice to promote the co-creation of models in mental health care through the contribution of people with lived experiences of mental illness and other mental health challenges. In focusing on the concept of lived experience, sometimes referred to as ‘Expertise by Experience” (or EbE) in the mental health research literature,  aim to explore crossroads of experiences as the result of a dialogue among experts by training (mental health professionals, researchers, social and mental health workers, etc.) and experts by experience, in light of a new consideration of the cardinal role of personalisation in contemporary mental health care.

Philosophy of Birth Network’ Launch Day
University of Oxford/ Complutense University of Madrid, 5 July 2023, 10am-12.30pm UK time/ 11am-1.30pm CET.

We will introduce the Network, explore together the vision, and move towards this. This is a Network that exists together and exists for us. The process of exchange, dialogue, and discussion is not a means to an end but the very essence of our Network.


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