The Collaborating Centre supports networks of individuals and groups with interests relevant to the Centre’s aims.

Networks are self-organising communities of interest that bring together stakeholders with diverse experiences and skills. VBP Collaborating Centre Network members include (but are not limited to) Centre Partners

Why a Network?

Collaborating Centre networks offer

  • A strong web presence: each network has its own home page and related postings hosted by the VBP website and supported by the website manager (see links below)
  • Priority access to Centre resources: for example Advanced Studies Seminar funding
  • Communication: the Centre hosts email, Twitter and Facebook list for communication between network members
  • Engagement with the wider VBP community: network members receive announcements circulated through the VBP website listings

Current Networks

The below links will take you to the home pages of the following networks:

Aesthetics in Mental Health (AiMH)

Conveners: Helena Fox (UK), Michael Musalek and Martin Poltrum (Austria)

Brazilian VBP Network
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Convener: Guilherme Messas

Co- Production Addictive Behaviour Research Network (CAB)

Convenor: Lucy Webb

Educational Voice Hearing Network

Convener: Dr David Crepaz-Keay

Integrating Values into Evidence-Based Medicine (INVITE)

Convener: Leah McClimans

Law and Ethics of Anorexia Nervosa – Values in Practice (LEAN ViP)

Convener: Jacinta Tan

Norms of Action and Belief in the Clinic Network (NABC)

Convener: Dr Lubomira Radoilska

Phenomenology and Mental Health Network

Convener: Marcin Moskalewicz

Understanding Personality Disorders Network

Convener: Konrad Banicki

Whiteness and Race Equality Network 

Convener: Colin King

The Values-Based Child and Adolescent Mental Health system (VB CAMHs) Network

Convener: Leo Kroll

Values Based Interprofessional Education and Practice Network

Convener: Dr Richard Gray

Values Based Practice in Paramedic Practice

Convener: Georgette Eaton

Values-based Theory Network 

Convener: Anna Bergqvist

Starting a network

If you would like to start a network or want more information please Contact Us