Brazilian VBP Network

Brazilian VBP Network


Guilherme Messas, MD, PhD. Head of the Postgraduate Program on Phenomenological Psychopathology – Santa Casa de São Paulo School of Medical Sciences, Brazil; Former Head of the Interdisciplinary Chamber on Drugs of the São Paulo Medical Board; Co-founder and Head of Committee for Alcohol Regulations (CRA) in Brazil; Advisor of the Coordinating body for drugs policies (COED), of the State of São Paulo, Brazil; he is also Lead for Brazilian VBP in the Collaborating Centre

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Aims of the network

The aim of this network is to bring together stakeholders (from any country) interested in applying values-based practice in the context of the challenges presented by the large and culturally diverse population of Brazil.

The network will have a particular concern with vulnerable populations.

Values-based practice offers an appropriate instrument for bringing together cultural diversity in Brazil, and therefore for improving the effectiveness and global impact of mental health in the country.

Initial focus of work

The initial focus of the Network will be on bringing values-based practice to bear on alcohol and drug use in Brazil.

This is an area of healthcare where the challenges for policy and practice presented by Brazil’s culturally diverse population are particularly acute. Public, private, philanthropic, lay, and religious institutions all work in this field, each bringing unique perspectives, values, and goals for clinical care and policy.

Consequently, preserving the features of each stakeholder´s culture is key to developing a successful alcohol and drug misuse policy in Brazil.

Working methods

Adapting Values-based practice to a Brazilian context relies on developing an inclusive program, in which the values of distinct subcultures within society are fully considered, in order to improve the effectiveness of healthcare policies.

In this network, researchers, service users, advocacy groups, policy makers, mental health workers, etc. will be invited to enrich their approach to healthcare, and to enrich the approaches of other members of the network, by exchanging their diverse individual and cultural perspectives.

In addition, the network intends to disseminate VBP throughout Brazil by offering training to stakeholders, including both in-person and virtual activities.


The network is open to both Brazilian and non-Brazilian stakeholders willing to be part of a comprehensive and pluralistic Project for Alcohol and Drug Policies in Brazil and other areas of mental health policy and practice.

Founder members: Anna Bergqvist, Elizabeth Pienkos, Lucy Webb, Helena Fonseca Rodrigues


The launch activity of the network was a visit by Lucy Webb (who co-leads the Co-Production Addictive Behaviour Research Network) and her colleague Samantha Baron to Sao Paulo.

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Future Meetings

International Advanced seminar: Brazilian VBP Network – Alcohol Regulation Policy in Brazil

12th March, 2020, 10am – 4pm

Venue: Brooks Building, Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester M15 6GX.

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Brazilian VBP Network

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Brazilian VBP Network

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Brazilian VBP Network

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