Co-Production Addictive Behaviour Research Network (CAB)

Co-Production Addictive Behaviour Research Network (CAB)

Background and Objectives

The Co-production Addictive Behaviour Research Network strives to promote and explore practice in co-production research in the fields of substance use and addictive behaviour.


The network has the following objectives:

  • Bring people together to explore, share and develop co-productive research in substance use and addictive behaviour, supporting each other and reaching out others.
  • Be inclusive, flexible and evolving, and responsive to new and challenging ideas.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise in the field, bringing theory and experience together.
  • Provide opportunities for developing and carrying out future collaborations, networking and training/education, and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Develop ideas that explore and expand knowledge of co-productive approaches in addictive behaviour research.
  • Uphold and promote the concept of co-production as a values-based approach to inclusive and participatory research, and disseminate knowledge across policy and practice domains.


Lucy Webb:

Michaela Jones:

International and Community Contacts

Tone Larsen:

Éidín Ní She:

Justine Keeble:

Co-production Committee

Justine Keeble:

Tone Larsen:

Amanda Clayson:


The CAB Research Network is set up to aid communication and collaboration between people and groups in academia, practice and communities, to explore and promote concepts of co-productive research in the delivery of inclusive research and application of evidence. The CAB Research Network is international in scope, enabling the sharing of knowledge across cultures and within different societal and governmental contexts.

How to join

If you are interested in joining the CAB Research Network please contact Lucy Webb: or Michaela Jones:

See also How to get involved below

List of Members

For a list of current members please click here

Activities and Announcements

The Network will work mainly by email and through local initiatives led by members, but we aim to arrange an annual meeting through the resources of the Collaborating Centre.

For details of past and forthcoming meetings and presentations please click here


The CAB Research Network strives to adhere to co-productive and values-based practice principles by ensuring equality of access and voice. Therefore members are requested to adhere to accessibility practices, for example, using plain English, avoiding acronyms, sharing resources between different stakeholders.

How to get involved

We welcome new members from across the globe with an interest in co-productive research in the field of addictive behaviour, as service users, community members, academics or policy/practice stakeholders.

For more general information or to apply to join the Network please contact Lucy Webb at

Or Tone Larsen at

And for community partner insight please contact

Michaela Jones at

Or Justine Keeble at

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Co-Production Addictive Behaviour Research Network (CAB)

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Co-Production Addictive Behaviour Research Network (CAB)

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Co-Production Addictive Behaviour Research Network (CAB)

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