The practical handbook of dementia


Call for potential contributors

Dr Roz Austin is undertaking research for a forthcoming book – ‘The practical handbook of dementia’ (Editors Roz Austin and Mark Hopfenbeck).

Researchers, clinicians or others, interested in writing short chapters on the following topics are invited to email

1. Palliative care for dementia
2. Dementia and addiction
3. Older people’s psychiatrist to write a chapter on the different types of dementia, and their treatments.
4. Speech therapist for people with dementia


‘The Practical Handbook of Dementia’ is the second book in a series of ‘practical handbooks’ on different mental health issues that are being edited by Dr Roz Austin and Mark Hopfenbeck from a UK and international perspective. Worldwide, around 50 million people have dementia, and there are nearly 10 million new cases diagnosed every year (World Health Organization). This book offers high quality, relevant chapters written by people with dementia, their carers, and leading researchers, clinicians and therapists that aim to improve understanding of practical ways of helping people with dementia to live in the community, or in care settings with dignity, and in a way that fosters compassion, creativity and growth.