Agenda – Implementing values in the construction of Evidence-Based Medicine


Date: 30 April 2018

Time: 10am-5.00pm GMT

Place: St. Catherine’s College, Oxford

10.00-10.30: Welcome/Introductions


Morning Foundation Setting

10.30-11.00:     Ethical and Epistemic Values in Assistive Technology (Leah McClimans)

11.00-11:30      The Importance of Values in Evidence-Based Medicine (Mike Kelly)

11.30-11.45       Questions/Discussion

11.45-12.00:     Break

12.00-12.30       Values in Health Policy (Katherine Furman)

12.30-12.45       Questions/Discussion

12.45-13.45:      Lunch

13.45-14.15:      Ethics and EBM (Richard Ashcroft and Stuart Nicholls)

14.15-14.45       Current status of values in EBM (Ross Upshur and Maya Goldenberg)

14.45-15.00:      Questions/Discussion


15.00-17.00:     Afternoon Discussion: Implementing values in the construction of EBM

16.00-16.15       Break

Objectives:        A co-authored paper on topic “Implementing values in the construction of EBM”

Explore interest in future meeting(s) and possible funding sources, e.g. Wellcome Small Grants


Points for discussion:

  • Collective experiences applying apply values in EBM
  • What are the obstacles? What are the opportunities?
  • Who are our allies?
  • How does one articulate the importance of values in EBM to health policy, epidemiologists, health service researchers, etc.?
  • Is there an existing framework that could be used for this task, e.g. value-based practice, implementation science?
  • EBM is a broad and varied field, are there aspects of EBM that we should target?
  • What are the benefits of considering values in EBM from different stakeholder perspectives?

Division of labor for paper

Thoughts on the meeting/questions/comments



Bill Fulford
Richard Ashcroft
Mike Kelly
Leah McClimans
Katherine Furman
Andrew Papanikitas
Maya Goldenberg
Ross Upshur
Stuart Nicholls

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