Law and Ethics of Anorexia Nervosa – Values in Practice Network (LEAN ViP)

Law and Ethics of Anorexia Nervosa – Values in Practice Network (LEAN ViP)


Clinical Associate Professor Jacinta Tan:

Background and Aims

There are rapid changes occurring both in law and clinical practice concerning the treatment of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders. The issues are highly complex because of many factors, including:

  • the unique characteristics of these disorders which mean that values are often altered and the illness can be experienced as congruent with one’s sense of self;
  • the subtlety of difficulties of capacity to make treatment decisions;
  • the medical and suicide risks of these disorders which have the highest mortality of all psychiatric conditions;
  • the ambivalence towards treatment and recovery that are often experienced by sufferers which may contribute to treatment refusal;
  • the uncertainties of outcome of treatments currently available; and
  • the legal complexities for clinicians and lawyers as mental health, mental capacity and child welfare legislations may variously or simultaneously apply to these patients.

The network aims to bring together stakeholders, including influential experts from different disciplines such as law, eating disorders, palliative care, general practice, ethics, philosophy, together with experts by experience, including patients and relatives. It will provide a unique forum that facilitates high-level dialogue and enables working together towards providing informed, values-based expert advocacy in both clinical and legal practice. The ultimate aim will be to make a material improvement to the lives of sufferers with eating disorders and their loved ones.

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Activities and Announcements

The network meets yearly and works throughout the year via email as needed.

We are currently working together 1) to extent the range of expertise available to include carers, 2) to improve the number and quality of second opinion doctors willing to act as expert witnesses

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More Information and New Members

We welcome new members who have relevant background and expertise and a willingness to contribute to the work of the Network.

For more information or to apply to join the network please contact Jacinta Tan:

Search Terms Identifying the Network

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Related Area(s) of Interest: Communication skills, Evidence-based practice, Ethics, Health economics, Medical humanities, Regulation, Law;

Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Child Health, Carer, Mental health – Eating disorders, Nursing, Primary care, Service user, Social care, Surgery, Well-being, Other – Palliative care

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Law and Ethics of Anorexia Nervosa – Values in Practice Network (LEAN ViP)

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Law and Ethics of Anorexia Nervosa – Values in Practice Network (LEAN ViP)

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Law and Ethics of Anorexia Nervosa – Values in Practice Network (LEAN ViP)

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