Norms of Action and Belief in the Clinic Network (NABC)

Norms of Action and Belief in the Clinic Network (NABC)

Lead: Dr Lubomira Radoilska, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Kent; Associate Editor of Ethical Theory and Moral Practice; Executive Committee Member, SWIP (Society for Women in Philosophy), UK; Advisory Committee Member, BSET (British Society for Ethical Theory).

Co-Lead: Dr Regent Lee, Clinical Lecturer, Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford; Research Associate, St Catherine’s College, Oxford; Lead Investigator, OxAAA Study; Co-Founder, Oxford Medical CE Marking Forum.

Background and Aims

The underlying Programme aims to address the challenges widely experienced in translating research into practice, such as ignoring guidelines as irrelevant to practice or forsaking professional judgment for formal compliance. Our guiding hypothesis is that these challenges derive in part but importantly from unrecognised conflicts between the norms of belief (underpinning evidence-based clinical guidelines for optimising health outcomes) and the norms of action (underpinning the role of patient choice and professional judgment in shared clinical decision-making).

Our two main objectives are: 1) raise awareness of the under-explored conflicts between norms of belief and norms of action that might feed into these challenges and 2) develop a collaborative platform for reflection and action to meet them.

To achieve these objectives, the Programme seeks to assess the potential impact on clinical practice of a new normative framework reconciling these norms, in co-production with practitioners, policy-makers, service users and further stakeholders. More specifically, we aim to explore whether and how a recent ‘two-way connection’ model of the relationship between norms of action and belief (Radoilska 2017) can be further developed, in close collaboration with Network participants, to meet specific challenges in the areas of:

  • Working with guidelines;
  • Feedback from practice into policy;
  • Shared decision-making and
  • Professional judgment

The Programme has been made possible by seed funding jointly awarded by the VBP Collaborating Centre and the University of Kent.

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Forthcoming Events

Past Events

Advanced Studies Seminar: ‘Norms of Belief and Action in Clinical Practice’ –  2nd November 2017, St Catherine’s College, Oxford University.

This inaugural event brought together practitioners, policy-makers, service users and further stakeholders to help explore how the underlying Programme’s normative framework might contribute to clinical practice.

For further details, please download:

Study Day on ‘Values-Based Imaging and Therapy: The Next Steps’ – 18 April 2018,  St Catherine’s College, Oxford, including contributions from NABC

Network Members: Bill Fulford, Ashok Handa and Lubomira Radoilska

Collaborating Research Seminar – 16 May 2018, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, including presentation by NABC Network Lead Lubomira Radoilska

5th NICE Shared Decision Making Collaborative meeting – 7 June 2018, including contributions from NABC Network Members: Bill Fulford, Ashok Handa and Lubomira Radoilska

2nd NABC Advanced Studies Seminar –  October 2018,  St Catherine’s College, Oxford

Advanced Studies Seminar ‘Voice, Silence, and Giving Uptake’ – 1 November 2018, St Catherine’s College, Oxford convened by NABC Network Member Nancy Nyquist Potter.


In light of the priority areas for future co-production emerging from the Inaugural Seminar and further consultations with prospective participants, the following initiatives are currently under way:

  • Expanding our online resources, with a growing bank of case studies and further contributions from members of the co-production community to support the ongoing translation of research into practice;
  • Supporting the NABC Network to share relevant experience, news and events via its e-mailing list;
  • Developing a Calendar of events and
  • Actively seeking further opportunities for impactful co-production, including but not limited to areas, such as policy review and continuous professional development.


The Network brings together a co-production community of practitioners, policy-makers, service-users, academics and further stakeholders seeking to develop fruitful dialogue between theory and practice to support patient-centred care in areas, such as policy review and implementation, shared-decision making and professional judgment.

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Contact and further information

To join the NABC Network, contribute a case study, announce related events and initiatives or request additional information, please contact the Network Lead, Lubomira Radoilska at

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Norms of Action and Belief in the Clinic Network (NABC)

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Norms of Action and Belief in the Clinic Network (NABC)

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Norms of Action and Belief in the Clinic Network (NABC)

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