Phenomenology and Mental Health Network (PMH)

Phenomenology and Mental Health Network (PMH)

Network Leads

Marcin Moskalewicz


 I work at the intersection of post-Kantian philosophy, especially the phenomenological tradition, and mental health. My recent work explores the subject of temporal experience in mental disorders.

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Network Co-Leads

Giovanni Stanghellini


Giovanni Stanghellini, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Università degli Studi G. d’Annunzio Chieti e Pescara (Italy).  Co-Lead: Phenomenology and Mental Health Network (PMH)

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Richard Gipps


Philosopher and psychotherapist, Co-Lead Phenomenology and Mental Health Network (PMH)

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Background and aims
Phenomenology is a rigorous philosophical method of studying the structures of consciousness and how these structures underlie and affect human experience. By undergoing a clinical turn, 20th century phenomenology became more pragmatic in seeking to understand the variety of lived experiences of patients suffering from mental disorders, often undermining a sense of a strict boundary between the normal and the pathological. Basic phenomenological themes, such as temporality, embodiment, intentionality, understanding, and intersubjectivity, thereby gained a new diagnostic and therapeutic significance. The tradition of phenomenological psychopathology became an important actor on the scene of 20th century psychiatry. The PMH network strives to promote the best of this tradition. It was launched at a workshop “Phenomenology and psychoanalysis: a dialogue” at St Catherine’s College in June 2018. The network connects philosophers, medical anthropologists, and social scientists with health care professionals – psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and caregivers, in order to bring together phenomenological expertise with actual life-world experience of the realities of mental health and illness.
The PMH network has the following objectives:
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between those working in mental health care and academic researchers in phenomenology
  • To explore the rich tradition of phenomenological psychopathology, its concepts, values, and critical potential
  • To investigate the ways in which phenomenology informs diagnosis and treatment, and to explore how its potential could be utilized and further expanded in order to improve the care for the mentally ill persons
  • To examine new (phenomenologically inspired) perspectives on mental illness in the context of diversity and plurality of human being
  • To undertake research programs in applied phenomenology and facilitate collaboration between members as well as to seek collaboration with ongoing initiatives elsewhere
  • To build a bridge between Central-European traditions of phenomenology and Anglo-Saxon scholarship
The network is open to all working at the intersection of phenomenological philosophy (as well as related fields of philosophy of mind and philosophical hermeneutics) and mental health. Membership is free of charge. To join please send a request to Marcin Moskalewicz at For a list of members please click here  
To advance our objectives, meetings and workshops will be organized regularly, some of them with an open call for papers in the conference format. The network will also support local initiatives. From 2019 we plan to run two meetings each year, one in Poznan and one in Oxford For a list of past meetings please click here
PMH Network YouTube Channel
The PMH Network YouTube Channel has videos from selected talks from the ongoing online seminars. Here is the link:

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A Joint Seminar Series “Phenomenology and Psychiatry
"A Joint Seminar Series “Phenomenology and Psychiatry” Organized by the Husserl Archives at KU Leuven & the Phenomenology and Mental Health Network at the Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care, Oxford and Poznan University of Medical Sciences.  The meetings are monthly and run via zoom, no registration is required. Our first speaker is Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs, on February, the 22nd 2021, 15:00-16:30 CET. Full programme details

How to join the network

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PMH Network

Past Network Meetings and Webinars

Please see below for a list of meetings, webinars and activities held by the Phenomenology and Mental Health Network (PMH)
20 May 2022

Organized by Phenomenology and Mental Health Networkat the Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care St. Catherine’s College, Oxford & Brazilian Society for Phenomeno-Structural Psychopathology International MetaMasters: Phenomenology and Values-based Clinical Care Institute of Philosophy, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin Philosophy of Mental Health Unit at the Department of Social Sciences and the Humanities, Poznan University of Medical Sciences Santa Casa de São Paulo School of Medical Sciences

Network Announcements

Interdisciplinary research colloquium
December 2, 2023

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