Whiteness and Race Equality Network

Network Leads

Colin King

Black and Asian Coaches Association

Freelance Writer


Colin King is the convener Black and Asian Coaches Association. The association is focused on the empowerment of BAME coaches, challenging the structures of sport and the theories and concepts of European science, psychology and management to address equity and equality in relation to coaching, management and administration. The aim of the association is also to challenge institutional whiteness in the mental health system through a collaborative approach across the color lines of professionals and survivors in terms of the academic and practice changes to address race equality in mental health work.

Colin is also the lead for the Whiteness and Race Equality Network.

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Network Co-Leads

Simon Clarke

Freelance writer, Educationist and musician (guitar).


For many years I worked in Further Education as a specialist teacher focusing on individual learning needs including dyslexia. I have facilitated creative writing groups in college and community settings working alongside authors such as Alex Wheatle, Irenosen Okojie, and Courttia Newland and the actor Adjoa Andoh, aimed at promoting health and well-being. I am currently working alongside Dr Colin King in setting up of the Race Equality and Whiteness Network. My other main interest is music. I am a guitarist and songwriter.  I also run a website to commemorate, and celebrate, the music of singer/songwriter Sian Daniels.

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Background and Aims
Work on race equality has traditionally focused on the lived experience of being black in terms of mental health and diagnosis. But for co-production to stand any chance of success understanding has to be two-way, especially in relation to coproduction: we need to understand the lived experience of being white alongside and in equal partnership with the lived experience of being black. This is the aim of The Race Equality and Whiteness Network in the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice. It was set up following a conference at St Catherine’s College in October 2016.
  1. Work with survivors, practitioners and researchers to develop frameworks and concepts to address and resolve race equality issues through coproduction.
  2. Examine issues around diagnosis and race from the perspective of what it means to be white as well as what it means to be black.
  3. Reflect on the lived experience of survivors of the Mental Health system and of practitioners and researchers through presentations and workshops that explore the live experience of whiteness alongside the lived experience of blackness.
  4. Work with statutory and voluntary agencies on ways of supporting co-production good practice through teaching and learning strategies that are of  practical use to researchers, survivors, and practitioners alike.
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How to join the network

The Network is open to all those with an interest in or involvement in this area. It brings together the expertise of individuals: survivors, and those working in health, social care and education. It offers a forum that will produce new perspectives on diagnosis and treatment by reason of its unique approach. For, it will interrogate the methodologies and values that inform diagnosis and treatment in order to understand the lived experience of being white alongside and in equal partnership with the lived experience of being black. For a list of members please CLICK HERE

Past Network Meetings and Webinars

Please see below for a list of meetings, webinars and activities held by the Whiteness and Race Equality Network
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26 October 2022 - 9am - 1pm

The WREN conference looks at patterns of funding to academic institutions, race breakdown of publishers, and reviewers, and the need for race equality standards to ensure peer review addresses equality in representation in, policy, legislative and practice outcomes.

Wednesday October 27th 2021. 12pm-2pm.

The renewed engagement of diverse researchers, organisations and activists have, however, failed to address the Lived experiences of race, how whiteness remains as a historical norm, how value and practice shapes co-production and represents the ethnically diverse experience, particularly black men within current mental health systems. To achieve real authentic race equality in mental health the seminar looks at how the cultural restraint of race needs to be addressed for an effective model of coproduction and change.

14th July 2021

The seminar looks at the structural and social determinants of race and racism as public mental health concern disguised by the White Paper Review of the Mental Health Act (2021) for clinical and competency changes.

26 November 2020

A webinar launching the Centre’s work over the coming five years following successful renewal of its funding. Presentations were divided into three sessions: Networks and Research, Education, and International Developments

29 October 2020

1. To discuss the changes needed in coach education, and the race competences to empower black and Asian coaches to be represented in senior coaching positions

2. To discuss the legal and structural changes needed to address race injustice in employment in coaching and management.

3. To discuss the safeguarding changes needed to support the mental health of Black and Asian coaches during the period of COVID-19.


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