Reports and Other Activities


Presentation to small charities meeting

19th 2015 Presentation by Ashok Handa, Bill Fulford and Ed Peile (organised by Ed) about the work of the Collaborating Centre to a meeting of small charities hosted by the bank C Hoare and Co

Values-based Practice in Malawi

Under Construction

Ongoing work at Lincoln on VBP and the 10 ESCs

Ian McGonagle and colleagues in the Mental Health, Health and Social Care (MH2aSC) research group at the University of Lincoln have an on-going programme of work on Values-based Practice

For the latest report download Ian McGonagle VBP applications in national law and policy

For information on the 10 ESC’s please go to Policy and Service Development, Practice Guidance and Commissioning

Research on Models of Mental Disorder in Sweden

Lennart Nordenfelt and colleagues at Linköping University  have completed a Swedish version of the study of models carried out by Anthony Colombo and colleagues at Warwick University.

For a summary of their findings in English please download Lennart Nordenfelt Models of Mental Disorder

For the full report in Swedish please download Lennart Nordenfelt Models of Mental Disorder Swedish version

For information on the original Colombo study please go to Implicit Values in Research