Centenary of Phenomenological Psychopathology

Centenary of Phenomenological Psychopathology
25th - 26th November 2022 - Please see webinar description for session times.
Register by email at: fenomenoestrutural@gmail.com

About the Webinar

The Centenary of Phenomenological Psychopathology will unite in celebration tradition and contemporaneity of Psychopathology for students, mental health professionals and philosophers. This celebration is marked by the 63rd session of the Swiss Psychiatric Society in Zurich, in which Minkowski presents a paper on melancholic schizophrenia and Binswanger on phenomenology. Therefore, we celebrate one hundred years of the understanding of Phenomenological Psychopathology as a science that comprehends the structure of experience and its modifications.

This celebration event is a result of the partnership between the Values Based Centre and the Brazilian Society of Brazilian Society of Phenomeno-Structural Psychopathology and it will be held in two parts, first on 25th of November at 16h (GMT) as a 02 hour online discussion from worldly renowned scientist such as Prof. Ashok Handa (Great Britain), Prof. Guilherme Messas (Brazil), Prof. Giovanni Stanghellini (Italy), Prof. Louis Sass (US) and Prof. Matthew Broome (Great Britain) on the topic of the strength and actuality of Valued Based Medicine and Phenomenological Psychopathology in its comprehension of human existence and mental health.

The second part of the event takes place on 26th of November and it will show the advances in Phenomenological Psychopathology in Brazil by local authors from the Brazilian Society of Phenomenon-Structural Psychopathology and related researchers on field. The event will take place throughout Saturday from 12h to 19h (GMT). There will be 4 blocks of presentations, with 3 presentations in each block, in which the society's scientists will present their views and work on this field of scientific investigation.

The first day of transmission will be broadcast only in English and the second day only in Portuguese.

This is a free event and you can participate of it registering yourself by sending us an email to: fenomenoestrutural@gmail.com  and entering the YouTube site through the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCy6A3D3D7Qr4J8hDoN7gaw/streams

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