Measuring, counting and valuing in public mental health – how can we do it well?

Measuring, counting and valuing in public mental health – how can we do it well?
Measuring, counting and valuing in public mental health - how can we do it well
12 October, 10:30am to 3pm
St Catherine's College Oxford

About the Event

In public mental health there are things we value, things we can measure and things we can count. Unfortunately, these often do not align and nor do they always influence how we allocate resources. This seminar will explore what we do now and how we could do better.

The event will take place on 12 October, 10:30am - 3pm


Time Topics


10:30 Arrival tea/coffee
11:00 Collaborating Centre intro Ashok Handa
11:10 Seminar intro David Crepaz-Keay
11:20 Challenges in measuring in public mental health Jason Madan
11:45 Defining mental health and wellbeing – different approaches and what they might mean in practice. Catherine Negus
12:00 Questions and discussions
12:45 Feedback
13:00 Lunch
13:45 The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Public Mental Health -

introduction and outline

Anna Bergqvist/ Kam Bhui/David Crepaz-Keay
14:15 Questions and discussions
14:45 Closing remarks

Webinar Video

Valuing Public Mental Health and Wellbeing for Economic Evaluation
Jason Madan

The benefits from improving well-being and diverse and wide-ranging. I argue that we will under-invest in interventions that achieve such improvements unless we fully include these impacts in economic evaluation, and present recent research that aims to make it easier to do so. Jason Madan is Professor of Health Economics at Warwick Medical School. His career has involved applied and methodological research in the economic evaluation of healthcare. His recent work has focused increasingly on extending this to mental health and wellbeing, with a particular interest in the measurement and valuation of wellbeing improvements.

Defining wellbeing and its relationship to mental health
Catherine Negus

The Mental Health Foundation is exploring the concept of ‘wellbeing’ and its relationship with the concept of ‘mental health’. This talk brings together several definitions and models. It draws out distinctions and core questions which can help us choose between models, assessing their implications in a political and practical context. Catherine Negus is a Senior Research Officer at the Mental Health Foundation, with an emphasis on qualitative research. She started out in international development campaigns, then moved into the local statutory and voluntary sector. She spent five years as a researcher/manager at Healthwatch Southwark, upholding public voice in health and social care. Joining the Mental Health Foundation - an organisation that looks at justice and structural issues - felt like coming full circle. Catherine is also involved as a reviewer for The Lancet Psychiatry via a McPin Foundation scheme, and believes in bringing together ‘academic’ and ‘lay’ perspectives.Particular personal interests within the field include relationships, gender, nature, and definitions - of mental illness, diagnosis, health, wellbeing, and human happiness.

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