Values around Hunger and Poverty

Values around Hunger and Poverty
9:30 - 16:00
St Catherine's College or Online

About the Event

Hunger and Food Poverty are emotive topics. How do they impinge on values-based practice in health and social care? What does this mean for practitioners?


Time Topics


09:30 Coffee + Registration
10:00 Introduction Ashok Handa
10:10 What do we mean by Values-based practice? Ed Peile
10.30 Values-based Leadership Emma Revie (CEO Trussell Trust)
11:00 Questions and Discussion: How do we move in a values-based way from funding food banks to making them redundant?
11:30 Break
11:45 Hunger, Politics, and the Third Sector Frank Soodeen (Joseph Rowntree Foundation.)
12.15 Feeding Stevenage: building consensus in a community to overcome food poverty Kaotic Angels LEMC
12:30 Questions and discussion: How do individual values around hunger and food poverty influence and interact with societal, commercial, and political values?
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Values-based Food Policy to encourage values-based Practice. Martin Caraher
14.30 My practice: values basing consultations with people experiencing food poverty TBC
15.00 Questions and Discussion: How do we eliminate damaging levels of hunger without harming children by encouraging excessive promotion of cheap ultra-processed foods
15.30 Extending values-based practice beyond the consulting room Bill Fulford
16.00 End of Day


Values are what drive us.  The mention of hunger or of food poverty, is likely to elicit an exposure of our individual values, as these are emotive triggers. But serious topics such as these merit more than just a small instant charitable donation.  For those of us working in health and social care, working with hunger and food poverty is an integral part of our professional business. Not only does hunger drastically restrict the lifestyles and wellbeing of our patients and clients, but it also results in increased pressures on healthcare and social care providers, including third sector organisations.

By definition, Values-based Practice (V-BP) is a process that supports health care decision making where complex and conflicting values are in play. That means we may have to evaluate how to work in politically charged environments without causing harm to the very people who need our help most.

Working with hunger, whether in the consulting room or the food bank requires not only the clinical skills of values awareness; values communication; values reasoning; and values-based partnership working, but also some skills which are not yet well-covered in the V-BP literature, especially values-based advocacy, and values- based leadership in health and social care. Hopefully this seminar and any spin-off work that follows may contribute to learning in these areas.

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