Shared Clinical Decision Making

Shared Clinical Decision Making

Health and social care has seen rapid acceleration in the uptake of digital technologies over the past year, in order to better meet patient and client needs in the pandemic. But what are the implications for values-based practice and evidence-based practice – the two feet on which sound decision-making in health and social care is based? We will be looking at how shared decision making between patients, clients, carers, clinicians, teams and organisations is affected by apps, telemedicine, decision-support systems; big data and artificial intelligence and by clinician-led digital projects. What do we need to do to ensure that personal values are central to the care of individual patients and clients as our use of digital technology moves forward?

Prof Ed Peile – Balanced Decision Making

Liz Ashall-Payne – ‘Apps, and personalisation around values and evidence

Dr Dilraj Kalsi – Telemedicine: intrusive or supportive?

Prof Enda McVeigh – Digital Health technology supporting patient-centred care

Bryn Dunn & Luke Garland – Predicting what matters using big data

Stuart Sutherland – Clinicians leading digital change: the NHS Topol Digital Fellows

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Shared Clinical Decision Making

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Shared Clinical Decision Making

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Shared Clinical Decision Making

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