Who Are We?


JCR Common Room

The Collaborating Centre is based at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. As a mainly virtual centre it provides a hub for those with a shared interest in developing more effective ways of working with values in health and social care.

At the heart of the Centre are its Project Partners. It has a small Management Team that is supported by an Advisory Board.

Project Partners
The Centre brings together a wide range of both individual and organizational Project Partners working on values in different ways and across a variety of projects in health and social care. Project Partner entries can be searched using either free terms or the List of Key Words.

Management Team
The Centre has a small Management Team of clinical academics based at St Catherine’s College. The Director and Co-Director are Bill Fulford (doctor and philosopher) and Ashok Handa (surgeon). Ed Peile (doctor and medical educationalist) is the lead for training developments. Tom Dobbs and Zoe Barber (surgical registrars) run the program on surgical care. David Davies (medical educator and health technologist) and Matt Ellacott (website manager) run the website.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the Centre team. Representing policy expertise across health and social care, Board members provide strategic direction and advice on implementation.