Ana Luíza Gibertoni Cruz


Individual PartnerAna Luíza Gibertoni Cruz, MD MPH, Infectious Diseases/Microbiology Specialist Registrar and Clinical Research Fellow with Modernising Medical Microbiology at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Preferred contact[email protected]

Brief Description of WorkI am an Infectious Disease (ID) physician trained in Brazil, currently in the UK forging a career that combines clinical management of ID and policy research, particularly in the field of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis diagnostics, management and control. My previous work with underserved populations in Brazil, Haiti and Kyrgyzstan, and now in England, in a time of unprecedented pressures over the NHS, have driven home to me the central importance of understanding diseases in their wider context and truly involving patients in the decision-making process as a path towards mitigating inequity and inequality in health, and improving outcomes.
Key Words: Resident in: UK; Working in: UK; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar), Seminars to students and specialist registrars in general medicine, infectious diseases and microbiology, Policy/Commissioning, Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork; Related Area(s) of Interest: Communication skills, Decision theory, Evidence-based practice, Ethics; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Global health, General Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology.

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