Essential CPE (continuing professional education): depression and anxiety


Dr Amanda J Wheeler, Professor of Mental Health, Griffith University.
Mr Keith Crump, Mental Health Pharmacist & Primary Care Pharmacist Facilitator, New Zealand.
Mr Andrew Blythe, Adjunct Research Fellow, Griffith University.
Dr Helen Stapleton, Senior Research Fellow, Mater Research Institute & University of Queensland.

Essential CPE: depression and anxiety was published in December 2015 by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia as a professional education package for pharmacists learning about mental illness.

Andrew works as a consumer consultant in a mental health service in Brisbane and as an Adjunct Research Fellow within the School of Human Services and Social Work, Griffith University.

Essential CPE: depression and anxiety was written in response to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s request to create an education package for the ongoing professional development of community pharmacists. The Society wanted a package that reflected the approach of Griffith University’s Mental Health Community Pharmacy Project where communication was given as much prominence as pharmacology.

Andrew wrote section three—Communication in depression and anxiety—to balance the previous two sections on clinical definitions and therapeutic interventions. He used the four skills of Values-Based Practice—awareness, reasoning, knowledge, and communication—to form a communication framework through which pharmacists could better understand themselves, their pharmacies, and the customers who used their products and services.

Using a Values-Based Practice approach allowed him to take the subjective experiences of people using mental health and pharmacy services—often pathologised, trivialised or outright dismissed within health settings—and give them value and meaning alongside the more traditional scientific knowledge of pharmacy.

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