Anne Slowther


Partner: Anne Slowther, Associate Professor in Clinical Ethics, Values Law and Ethics theme lead, Warwick Medical School. Trustee of UK Clinical Ethics Network

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Key Search Terms: Resident in: UK; Working in: UK; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Education, Research; Related Area(s) of Interest: Clinical ethics support services; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: General Practice/family medicine
Brief Description of Work: I lead the Values Law and Ethics theme in the MBChB curriculum at Warwick Medical School and conduct research in clinical ethics and values based decision making. I am a founder member of the UK Clinical Ethics Network and train members of clinical ethics committees. I collaborate with international colleagues on the development and evaluation of clinical ethics support services. I work as a GP in an inner city practice with an ethnically and culturally diverse population. My clinical work both informs and is informed by my values based teaching and research.
Read more: UK Clinical Ethics Network; Intensive Care Unit decision making project

PDF Clinical Ethics and Patient Centred Care

Download (PDF, 119KB)

Partner Links: I work closely with Professor Bill Fulford in developing the Values Based element of the Warwick MBChB curriculum



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