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During my career in law and business I became increasingly involved in values and their role in personal development, mental health and well-being. I Chair the Human Values Foundation, which develops/implements values-based educational programmes; its new digital programme, The Big Think, was launched in 2019 in a number of UK primary schools. I am member of the Steering Group of UK Values Alliance, a collaborative group of individuals/organisations working to place values at the heart of UK society with initiatives across many sectors, including healthcare. I also help to co-ordinate World Values Day. I am a Fellow of the RSA.

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Resident in: UK
Working in: UK

Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Education,Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar),Policy/Commissioning,Research/impact of values-based interventions on mental health and wellbeing of children,Services/person-centered,Services/teamwork,

Related Area(s) of Interest:Communication skills,  Evidence-based practice,Ethics,Regulation,Law,Other/values and well-being;

Area(s) of healthcare expertise:  Social care,  Well-being,

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