Colin King


Individual Partner: Doctor Colin King, convener Black and Asian Coaches Association

Preferred contact: 07957 100 069 ,

Brief Description of WorkThe association is focused on the empowerment of BAME coaches, challenging the structures of sport and the theories and concepts of European science, psychology and management to address equity and equality in relation to coaching, management and administration. The aim of the association is also to challenge institutional whiteness in the mental health system through a collaborative approach across the color lines of professionals and survivors in terms of the academic and practice changes to address race equality in mental health work

Key Words: Resident in: UK, London]; Working in: UK; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Communications/website, Communications/other/, Education, Management, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar), Policy/Commissioning, Policy/other/, Publications/CUP series, Research/philosophy, Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork,  Related Area(s) of Interest: Communication skills, Decision theory, Evidence-based practice, Ethics, Health economics, Medical humanities; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Child Health, Carer, Complementary medicine/osteopathy, Complementary medicine, Global health, Mental health/General, Mental health/other/, Nursing, Primary care, Service user, Social care, Surgery, Well-being

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Race, Equality and Whiteness network