Dr Elaine Gill


Individual Partner : Dr Elaine Gill Director Human Values, Senior Lecturer Medical Education – GKT School of Medical Education, Faculty of Life Science and Medicine, King’s College, London

Preferred contact : elaine.gill@kcl.ac.uk

Brief Description of Work: Senior Lecturer in Medical Education mainly undergraduate education, longitudinal theme lead, PhD supervisor qualitative research: ethnographic/ phenomenological. Over 20yrs experience of heading up clinical communication, inter-professional education, development of patient educator programme and key lead for integrated clinical simulation. Director of Human Values (HV) and lead protagonist in the development of HV as a longitudinal theme in MBBS at GKT School of Medical Education. The HV model consists of: clinical communication, medical ethics &law, professionalism &well-being, cultural competence, medical humanities, inter-professional education/collaborative working, philosophy. Linked in a flat structure with clinical simulation and skills.

Resident in: UK,

 Working in: UK,

Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Communications/website, Communication and collaboration,Education,Management, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar),Meeting across project sites,Policy/Commissioning,Policy/Publications/CUP series, Publications/ Research/philosophical and clinical/ Services/person-centered,Services/teamwork,Service design and delivery

Related Area(s) of Interest: Locating Human Values in Medicine and healthcare,Clinical communication,Decision theory, Evidence-based practice,Ethics,Health economics,Medical humanities & Arts – performing/photography/literature; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Medicine/nursing/collaborative working education undergraduate and post qualification.