Dr. Eva Rädler-Bohn


Individual Partner: Dr. Eva Rädler-Bohn

Preferred contact: via ‘Contact us’ on the VBP website

Brief Description of Work: I am a philologist, historian of ideas and philosopher working on early medieval arguments for human dignity and their influence on the history of western medicine. I am also very interested in modern medical ethics and especially in values such as patient autonomy and choice. I believe guaranteeing such values depends on the quality of doctor patient communication and that this, in turn, is influenced by health practitioners’ views regarding the dignity of the person. Although I am a medievalist by profession, I am therefore looking for ways in which my work may strengthen modern medical ethos and communication practice.

Key Words: Resident in: Munich, Germany;
Working in: Munich, Germany;

Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Education,Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar),Research/philosophy;

Related Area(s) of Interest:Communication skills,Decision theory, Medical humanities: history and philosophy of medicine;

Area(s) of healthcare expertise: as a patient and mother of a disabled child.