Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar


Individual Partner: Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Oxford

Preferred contact: haltaiar@yahoo.comhasanen.al-taiar@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk

Brief Description of Work:

Consultant forensic psychiatrist, educator and mentor
Hasanen is an academic and clinical tutor at Oxford University Department of Psychiatry and an Associate Oxford University Medical Education Fellow. He is involved in Trainee Support and Mentoring Groups and other educational committees at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He is Psychiatry lead Tutor at OxPal Medlink which offers online and face to face tutorials to medical students and psychiatry residents in Palestine. More recently he launched with colleagues the OXPIQ project which provides distant learning opportunities to Iraqi psychiatrists.  He is Secretary of the British Arab Psychiatric Association (BAPA) and Chairman of the Iraqi Mental Health Forum (IMHF-UK).

Resident in: UK,

Working in: Oxford, Other

Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Medical Education, Management, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar), Research in education and forensic psychiatry,  person-centered services, Services/teamwork,

Related Area(s) of Interest: Communication skills (verbal and written), Evidence-based practice,  Transcultural psychiatry, Law, Other/mental health law

Area(s) of healthcare expertise:

Mental health, General, Mental health, forensic psychiatry, psychiatry

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For more information on the RCPsych mentoring group, please visit: http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/workinpsychiatry/divisions/southeastern/executivecommittee.aspx

For more information on the RCPsych trans-cultural psychiatry special interest  group, please visit: http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/workinpsychiatry/specialinterestgroups/transculturalpsychiatry.aspx

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For more information on Hasanen’s  educational roles and activities: http://oxpal.org/about/our-team/