Flora Smyth Zahra


Individual Partner:

Dr Flora Smyth Zahra, Senior Clinical Teacher, King’s College London Dental Institute. King’s Clinical Humanities programmes Lead; Council Member Academy of Medical Educators, UK; Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Preferred contact: flora.smyth_zahra@kcl.ac.uk

Brief Description of Work: I am a dentist and Senior Clinical Teacher at King’s College London Dental Institute where I have established an innovative Clinical Humanities programme. With a degree also in English Literature, I am an advocate for interdisciplinary, crossparadigmatic learning and have pioneered embedding arts and humanities curriculum interventions within the Health Professions since 2015. I am particularly interested in values- based practice in Dentistry and related health professions, the type of knowledge acquisition necessary to scaffold undergraduate clinicians’ professional identity formation for the 21st century and holistic learning to support person- centred care and to help address disparities in access to care.

Key Words: Resident in: UK,; Working in: UK Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Dental Practice, Clinical Education, Professional Standards of Medical Educators UK and Professional standards of Dentists, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar),Publications/CUP series, Research/Clinical Education, Research/VBP Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork, Related Area(s) of Interest: Humanities, the socio-cultural to augment the bioscientific in Health professions education, Inequalities in access to oral health care

Clinical Humanities, Medical epistemologies Semiotics, English Literature, Critical Theory, Art, History of Medicine, Poetry, Emancipatory Pedagogy, Narrative Pedagogy, Communication, Curriculum Innovation,

Evidence-based practice, Medical Ethics, Leadership, Regulation Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Health Professions’ Education, Oral health, Restorative Dentistry, Primary Care