Isabelle Le Gallez


Individual Partner:

Isabelle Le Gallez, DPhil student, Exeter College and Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford.  (I have previously studied at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sussex.)

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Brief Description of Work:

I am a DPhil Medical Law Researcher at Oxford. My thesis is focused on the case of Montgomery and how the law is dealing with the doctor-patient relationship and patient autonomy. I support a shared decision-making model of the relationship, which I title the supported autonomy model. I seek to interact more with values-based medicine, which I anticipate will become increasingly important for my research. Beyond my thesis, I am most interested in the legal issues surrounding abortion and end of life matters.

Key Words: Resident in: UK; Working in: UK,; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Policy/Law,Research/philosophy, Person-centered medicine and shared decision making; Related Area(s) of Interest: Law,Decision theory, Ethics and Regulation; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: N/A

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