Kim Woodbridge-Dodd


Individual Partner: Dr Kim Woodbridge Dodd. Lecturer and researcher University of Northampton, Faculty of Health and Society. 

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Resident in: UK

Working in: UK

Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Policy/Commissioning, Policy/Practice and Codes, Policy/ Law (Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act, Care Act, Human Rights Act) /integration mental health and social care. Publications/CUP series, Publications/Practice, Research/Application, Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork, Services/Civic/Local Authority/Community

Related Area(s) of Interest: Social Constructs of Professional identities in NHS and Councils services, Discourses and discursive practices in Social Care and Mental Health, Feminist and Neo-liberalist impacts on constructs of the service user and professional roles.

Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Mental health, Social care, Social Work, Well-being, the practice of Approved Mental Health Practitioners within multi-agency systems and acute mental health pathways.

Brief Description of Work: Have collaborated with Bill Fulford since 2002 to develop VBP, including co-authoring the Whose Values? workbook and other publications (see Reading Guide/Teaching and Learning]. My current focus of VBP is centered on understanding the role of values and value bases in constructing the professional identities of social workers and Approved Mental Health Professionals within an integrated mental health and social care team. Additionally my work is to develop resilience within communities, including new communities as a Local Authority commissioner working jointly with health. This brings into focus diverse values and concepts of commissioning practice.

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